Park Place East Civic Association

Welcome Spring!

Welcome to the Park Place (East) Civic Association (PPECA) Website

Special thank you to PPECA member, Janice T. for  painting the sign and the beautiful landscaping.

We started the Park Place (East) Civic Association (PPECA) website to help keep our residents of Park Place (East) informed of our neighborhood activities, provide a forum for resident feedback, welcome new residents and develop and promote community pride.  One of our goals is to continue to keep our neighborhood beautiful and family-friendly.  Additionally, you may not be aware that PPECA is responsible for the maintenance of our subdivision entrances landscaping.  Any funds that we collect help pay for the beautification and upkeep.  This is extremely important since it is the most visible part of our community and helps to establish and maintain the property values of each and every home in our community.  Our third goal and highest priority is to grow our membership.  We have over 800 Park Place East homeowners who we know wants to support their Park Place (East) community!  The PPECA mission is: 

to preserve and enhance the quality of our family-friendly neighborhood;
to inform its members of any issues which may impact our neighborhood; 
to work as a liaison between ourselves and any government entity; and
to enforce and abide by the codes and regulations as set forth by such entity to its entirety, to the best of our ability.

We hope that you agree with our mission and will help convince your neighbors to become PPECA members.   We are a non-profit organization and with the assistance and involvement of all Park Place East residents...TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY?  Would you like to contribute an article to our newsletter/website? Become a member today.

We would love to receive submissions from community members.  Keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Clear, concise "news" items
  • Specific information (dates, times, locations, phone numbers, email, etc.) should always be included for clarity
  • Communicate positively about difficult issues.
  • Write for a family audience - no vulgarity
  • Be factual, stress solutions, and avoid an alarmist tone.
  • Consider articles that show unique and diverse makeup of Park Place East. Topics to consider include:
  • Hobbies or special interests
  • Professional advice (i.e. tax, real estate, fitness, or childcare advice)
  • Neighborhood interest  (upcoming community events)
  • No politics please